Dubai Hotels See High Occupancy Rates Ahead Of UAE Expo 2020, Say Reports

Ahead of UAE Expo 2020, Dubai hotels are witnessing an influx of guests, tourists and residents as in the pre-pandemic world.  

Some hotels in Dubai are reporting occupancy rates of 90 per cent and over ahead of the upcoming Expo 2020 Dubai, the world’s greatest show, reported Khaleej Times.  

“Currently, occupancy rates at our group of hotels are up by 70 per cent. Most of the travellers are transit passengers who are going to the United States, Canada and Saudi Arabia,” said Praveen Shetty, the chairman and managing director of the Fortune Group of Hotels. 

According to statistics by the World Tourism Organisation and Emirates Tourism Council, the tourism sector in the country performed reasonably well as hotel establishments welcomed 14.8 million guests in 2020, despite the pandemic. Domestic tourism contributed Dh41 billion to the national economy last year.  

While, after liberalising the travel policies, Dubai has become a significant transit hub. 

“Travellers wishing to go to the US, UK and Canada, spend anywhere between five to 14 nights in the city and head over to their final destination,” Shetty was quoted as saying. 

Though the Fortune Group of Hotels has seven properties all over Dubai, the hotel near Expo 2020 site reports the highest occupancy – 100 per cent. This one is followed by high demand in hotels in Bur Dubai, Deira and Qusais. 

It is reported that the room rates across the group would increase by 30 per cent before October 1. 

“At present, room charges are anything between Dh150 to Dh300, depending on the locality and size of the room,” Shetty added

Of the total guests, at least 80 per cent of the guests are from India and 20 per cent from Egypt. “In the case of Western travellers, we have high numbers coming in from Europe and Russia,” he said

The ease in Covid-19 regulations and relaxed norms at restaurants are encouraging more people to stay at hotels. 

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