Dr. Vivek Murthy’s Nomination as US Surgeon General Hailed by AAPI

An organization of Indian-origin physicians in the US, American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), has welcomed the nomination of Dr Vivek Murthy to be America’s top doctor by the administration led by President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris. AAPI has also offered fullest support to Dr Murthy while describing the choice as “cementing the reputation of physicians of Indian origin have across America.”

Terming Dr Murthy as one of his “most trusted” public health and medical advisors, Biden on Tuesday announced his nomination for the position of Surgeon General. Dr Murthy had served as Surgeon General of the United States during the Obama administration and had to leave abruptly when Donald Trump became the president. As he is set to return to the same position, Murthy is expected to have an expanded portfolio, as the President-elect’s team crafts their plans to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

“We congratulate Dr Vivek Murthy on his appointment as the Surgeon General of the United States,” said Dr SudhakarJonnalagadda, President of AAPI, on Friday. She also pointed out to US President-elect Joe Biden’s remarks, describing Dr Murthy as a “renowned physician” who could help guide Americans safely out of a still-raging coronavirus pandemic.

Dr AnupamaGotimukula, the president-elect of AAPI, said the organization looks forward to supporting Murthy throughout his process confirmation to be the Surgeon General, “as the nation and the entire world seek to find best possible solutions to tackle the pandemic that has taken the lives of millions of people around the globe”.

AAPI vice president Dr Ravi Kolli said Murthy has been a key coronavirus adviser to Biden, regularly briefing him on the pandemic during his campaign and the transition. “His ethics, quiet leadership style and impeccable credentials make him the smart choice for this leadership role,” he said.  Dr Murthy has said that Americans need a leader who works with the people for the progress of the country. As surgeon general under Obama, he had helped lead the national response to the Ebola and Zika viruses and the opioid crisis, among other health challenges.

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