Dos and Don’ts for Indian Non-Resident Indians in UAE

When Indians visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the first time, they are often unwittingly become part of several offences and for the same, they end up paying fines as well. It’s normal for people to be unaware of every law enforced by the UAE government. However, as a tourist or an expatriate worker you should know a few of the rules when you enter an emirate in the UAE. 

Here is a list of guidelines by Pravasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra, Dubai, an initiative by the government of India for the welfare of the Indian diaspora, to make good use of your time in the Gulf country. 

Dos in UAE 

Be vigilant about identity thefts such as SIM card, Passport, Emirates ID card and Email account 

Learn the laws of UAE, especially Labour laws if you are on a work visa 

Keep yourself updated with important contact numbers of the Indian Embassy and Consulate, police, fire, ambulance, hospitals etc 

Report any incident of physical abuse, domestic violence faced by you to the police immediately 

Report any work-related grievance to the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation (MOHRE) of UAE within a year of the work permit cancellation date. After this period, MOHRE might not register the grievance as it would be time-barred as per Article 6 of UAE Labour Law 

Keep your medical records, latest passport copy, visa copy, updated work contract with Ministry and company, company information, financial record, residence address handy and share these with a reliable family member so that the same could be retrieved when necessary 

Start a pension scheme from the initial days of working to have a sufficient corpus at the time of retirement  

Use appropriate and legal remittance schemes while receiving or sending money 

Know the details of product and agent while investing money 

Have appropriate life, medical insurance cover in UAE and India including, critical illness 

Maintain a lifestyle according to your job profile 

Keep a WILL acceptable in the UAE court 

Don’ts in UAE 

Do not put up a story on social media having your personal views on religious matters which could hurt others’ sentiments 

Do not violate practiced traditions, conventions or heritage in any form 

Do not click pictures of restricted places  

Do not take pictures or videos of people from social media platforms without their consent 

Do not share OTPs, passwords and ATM pins to anybody as Bank or related entity would never ask for the same in any mode of communication 

Do not consume alcohol in public as consumption of alcohol is only permissible in places having appropriate licenses 

Do not sign a blank paper or a blank cheque 

Do not run away or abscond from sponsor, instead report to MOHRE and the Indian embassy or consulate 

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