Domestic flights in India to Become Costlier From June 1

Domestic air travel in India would be costlier from June 1 as the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has decided to raise the lower limit on domestic airfares from 13 per cent to 16 per cent. 

“Fare for domestic travel less than 40 minutes of duration will be hiked by ₹ 2,300 to ₹ 2,600, which is 13 per cent of the current fare,” said an order by MoCA. 

As per the new order, the flights with a duration between 40 minutes to one hour would have a lower limit of Rs 3,300. Earlier, the fare for the same had been capped at Rs 2,900. 

The rates are scheduled to increase for all flights. Flights of duration between 60-90 minutes would be charged Rs 4000. The rates for flights 90-120 minutes at ₹ 4,700, 150-180 minutes at ₹ 6,100 and 180-210 minutes will cost ₹ 7,400 respectively.

As per the new rate, the passengers would have to bear Rs 300 to Rs 1000 per person. For example, a Delhi-Mumbai flight would cost you Rs 700 more than the current fare. 

These new fares, however, do not include the taxes and airport development fees (ADF). The passengers have to bear it. 

“In view of the sudden surge in the number of active COVID-19 cases across the country, decrease in passenger traffic and passenger load factor, the existing capacity cap of 80 per cent capacity may be read as 50 per cent capacity,” MoCA said in the order. 

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