Does EB-5 Visa Help In Fulfilling American Dreams Quickly? Read Further  

If you belong to the category that is striving hard to live and work legally in the US, then an EB-5 investment visa can be a very good option. Dissimilar to other visa types, this option does not mandate the involvement of US employers as sponsors. The EB-5 visa is meant for foreign investors in American businesses. In order to acquire the visa, foreign investors are required to plough either $500,000 or $1,000,000 (based on location) into a US business and get professionally involved with the same for the next two years to generate or retain 10 job opportunities. Now, let us understand the advantages of EB-5 visa holders. 

Legal Sanctity 

It is really a tough task to go through the immigration procedures in the US to gain the status of a legal resident. The process can be very lengthy and migraine-inducing. To avoid the tedious steps of immigration, an EB-5 visa can be utilized to gain legal residency status in the US. With such a visa even your spouse and children could also gain entry into the US. 

Swifter Access To Permanent Residency & Citizenship 

EB-5 visa can fast-track your permanent residency status compared to other visas. The conditions that guide this type of visa remain in force only for two years. Most importantly, immigrants possessing EB-5 visas can obtain citizenship within five years after getting permanent residency status. 

Gain Good ROI As Well 

As an investor, once you plough in money to gain residency status in the US, he or she is also at the liberty to invest the money to get fantastic returns as well, provided the fund is invested in an appropriate manner. Hence, apart from getting the legal sanctity to reside in the US with EB-5 visa investors can earn some neat profits as well. 

Stay And Work Wherever You Want To In The US 

Though this is not the case with all EB-5 visa holders, some of them get the freedom to live and work anywhere in America. When it comes to other kinds of visas there are some restrictive regulations, which the visa holders must follow or lose status. So, this is one of the perks on offer as far as EB-5 visa is concerned.  

For Children, It’s A Win-Win Situation 

The children of the EB-5 visa holders get to enjoy privileges quite like the kids of US Citizens. They can study in any school or college in the country and even pursue higher education in any of the institutes in the US. Following the completion of the education, children of EB-5 visa holders are also free to work in any organization in the US. 

In The End 

Yes, it is true that to get an EB-5 visa the aspiring immigrants have to make a substantial investment in the US, but it can’t be ignored that EB-5 happens to be an ideal vehicle to ride all the way to America legally. 

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