Dating In The Time Of Corona

Coronavirus changed our lives forever. The virus has impacted several activities, including dating. In the past, dating used to be a frictionless affair with commitment playing a minor part in the process. Today, hooking up has become a different entity altogether. Going by studies commissioned during the pandemic it has come to light that the crisis has greatly impacted dating patterns. So, let us look at certain dating trends that have surfaced during the pandemic and will greatly transform the dating phenomenon in the future as well.

New dating trends brought in by the pandemic

No quick meetups or temporary affairs

This pandemic has made social distancing and individual cleanliness very important. As a result, people are no longer interested in instant meetups or short-term alliances. The ongoing crisis has provided people with the chance to indulge in meaningful exchanges to gauge whether the person is compatible or not.

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Involvement of families

The new generation has become more involved and attached to their families, thanks to the pandemic. During the lockdown, they got a very good opportunity to spend precious time with their families. This has resulted in intimate and robust ties between Gen Z and their families and the new generations are taking a lot of assistance from their families for relationship matters.

Stability is in and short dalliances are out

The lockdown has increased the feeling of depression and loneliness among people. This has made people realize the importance of having a partner over casual dalliance. The majority of people at present want stability in their relationships compared to temporary pleasures like casual sex.

Increasing use of social media to nurture ties

New normal is the new buzzword. Gone are the days when opposite sexes exchanged telephone numbers among themselves. Now, the new norm is to extend the relationship by following each other on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platforms. Post a brief introduction on dating apps, Instagram DMs are utilized to continue with the day-to-day exchanges. This is another way in which dating has evolved during the pandemic.

Virtual dating is in vogue

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Before Coronavirus came into our lives, dating used to happen at coffee shops, pubs, theatres, etc. Now, these places are not considered safe anymore. This has brought in the new concept of virtual dating in our lives. Now people usually meet on apps and this has made dating less experiential. Due to an increase in virtual dating, app developers are constantly striving to enhance user experiences by upgrading audio and video features on applications.

So, all these prove that pandemic has drastically altered the pattern of dating. Now, dating is hardly about hanging out together in parks or public places. It has become more about virtual meets to assess each other.

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