Cryptocurrency Is Perhaps The Most Mature Investment Asset, Says Mastercard Executive  

Digital assets are “arguably the most mature” investment tool, with NFTs coming in second, said the crypto chief of Mastercard.  

Digital currencies, according to Raj Dhamodharan, Mastercard’s Global Head of Crypto and Blockchain, represent “no threat at all.” He also referred to them as “perhaps the most mature investment asset.”  

Cryptography is a collection of several technologies:  

Mastercard, the world’s largest payment processing company, is one of the corporations looking to expand its digital asset portfolio. In recent months, the company has undertaken several efforts to promote the sector and present crypto-related prospects to its clients. It allowed all banks on its network to provide bitcoin services in October.  

Raj Dhamodharan is the guy in charge of Mastercard’s crypto activities. He reiterated his firm’s positive approach in a recent interview, claiming that digital assets should not be viewed as a danger. Investor safety is critical, and Mastercard is “always searching for methods to provide choice in a secure and straightforward way,” he said.  

Dhamodharan went even farther, claiming that the nature of cryptocurrencies is unique since they are a “bundle of many technologies.” He believes it is “arguably the most mature” financial asset from an investor’s standpoint.  

When it comes to bitcoin, the executive claims that it is more than simply a currency, “Bitcoin is more than simply money. It’s also about the link in the chain. It’s also about the cryptography that underpins it, as well as decentralization and other issues.”  

The non-fungible tokens were also praised by Dhamodharan, who called them a “wonderful invention.” After cryptocurrencies, he rated them as the “next mature investment asset class”:  

“After these asset classes in the area, NFT is the next item to emerge.” NFT is a fantastic innovation that is now being used in the field of art. For creators, it gives up new avenues for them to monetize their work in previously unimagined ways. 

Mastercard’s Crypto Efforts:  

In January, the payment services firm teamed up with Coinbase to boost the NFT industry. The conversation sparked expectations that the alliance would open up new opportunities for Mastercard cardholders to buy digital collectibles.  

“Through Mastercard’s scalability and worldwide network, we’ll be able to deliver a better user experience on Coinbase NFT, and we intend on trying to discover methods to extend this possibility to the larger ecosystem.”  

The fintech company joined up with Nexo earlier this month to launch Europe’s first bitcoin card, allowing customers to spend without surrendering their holdings.  

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