Cricket: Will Team India Qualify For The WTC Final? 

Unlike ODI and T-20, the Test format always missed the edge of the championship. Several bilateral series used to happen without any consequences and people used to forget the same as well quickly. But with the advent of the World Test Championship (WTC) things have changed drastically for the red-ball format. Teams are awarded points based on their performances and then a final would be held between two teams with the maximum number of points to grab the WTC title. This has given a new lease of life to the 5-day cricket that was begging for some changes in the drastically altered contemporary world of cricket. 

The first WTC title was easily pocketed by Kiwis after defeating India last year at Southampton. As the title looms large yet again, teams have started their preparations to qualify for the same. So, where does Team India stand this time? Let us find out. 

India have not had the best of outings in the Test format this year. After losing the Test series in South Africa, their defeat at the hands of England earlier this year has severely dented their chances of qualifying for the Test finale. However, they are not yet out of contention and they need to perform really well in the upcoming series against Bangladesh and Australia to break into the WTC Final as one of the contenders for the title. So, let us understand what team India needs to do to reach the WTC Final. 

At Present, Team India finds itself at the fourth spot in the World Test Championship points table. They have 75 points and they have won six matches, and lost four, while two of them ended in a draw. 

With six Test matches remaining for the team, what it needs to do and must avoid:  

  • If they win all their matches they can easily qualify for the final  
  • In case India win five and lose one, they will be left with 62.5 percent of points and can still qualify for the WTC Final 
  • But If India get defeated in two Test matches from the remaining six, they have no option but to depend on the outcome of the other teams 


Pakistan have already bid goodbye to their WTC prospects after losing two Tests to England in a three-match bilateral series. Currently, the Australian team rules the roost with 108 points and South Africa are in the second spot with 72 points. 

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