Comic Timings Of Life: Indian Rom Com Web-series On Immigrant Experience

Movies and music that document the immigrant experience are plenty in popular culture, but such works of art by Indian immigrants have seen a rise in contemporary times. Australia based Knockout Production’s recent venture ‘Comic Timings of Life’ is one such show which captures the intricacies of immigrant life, including the struggle for financial security, identity crisis and longing for familiarity.

The show, which is a rom-com, is about six individuals who come to Australia in search of better opportunities and contrasts their passions and professional trajectories. The storyline offers a deep insight into the complexities of immigrant life, explores different perspectives of fulfilment with sporadic humour.

“When I moved to Australia, I came here with mixed feelings. I had left a promotion in a PR firm in Mumbai where I worked as a publicist, and I spent years here trying to feel less and less of an appendix. Being a social butterfly all my life, I managed to make some friends from India, only to realise they’re in the same boat as I am. The migration story is different for everyone, but it is this understanding that also binds us together which makes the journey worth it,” Mansi Mehta, the show’s director says. This is Mehta’s first attempt at filmmaking, and she has channelled her passion into something meaningful, just like the characters in her show aspire to do.

She is also the founder of Knockout Productions and has planned two seasons with five episodes each. Srishti Aggarwal, who was Miss India Australia and Karishma Sujan, who was Mrs India Australia, Abhishek Mehrotra, Kabir Singh, Natasha Matai and Juzer Holawala feature as the main leads of the show. The first season which was released in November, is available on YouTube.

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