Centre Simplifies Norms for Renewal of Overseas Citizens of India Cards

The Union Home Ministry has eased the norms regarding the re-issuance of the overseas citizen of India (OCI) cards. OCI cardholders are now required to upload a copy of their documents only at the age of 20 to continue their citizenship in India, the government has clarified. 

“The changes will eliminate the confusion to many OCI cardholders with regard to the process of renewing the card at the age of 20 and 50, and one doesn’t have to go through the whole OCI card renewal process again,” Dr Thomas Abraham, chairman of the Global organization of People of Indian Originwas quoted as saying

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Earlier, they had to renew their OCI cards every time they re-issued. As per the new rules, the OCI cardholders under the age of 20 years, while issuing a new passport, have to upload a copy of that document along with their updated photo on the OCI web portal. They are also required to re-issue their OCI cards upon completing 50 years of age to capture facial features. However, rules of re-issuance of OCI cards between 21 and 50 years of age remain the same. 

“In case of those who have registered as an OCI cardholder or a spouse of foreign origin of an Indian citizen under the OCI status, the individual concerned will be required to upload a copy of the new passport, consisting of a photo of the passport holder as well as the latest photo by declaring that their marriage is still in existence, every time a new passport is issued,” the Home Ministry order clarified further. 

The OCI cardholders have to upload the required documents and photos within three months of receiving their new passports. Once the details have been updated, they will receive an acknowledgement email. 

Till today, the government of India has issued around 37.72 lakh OCI cards

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