Brette Haus Offers Tiny Portable House For Travellers

Have you ever imagined a home that you could carry with you wherever you go? Do you think it is possible? Yes, it is possible with the ready-made home invented by a Latvian Company Brette Haus.

A portable home is one of the most useful inventions for those who have the urge to travel around the world without stopping. These homes, which can be used on long trips, provide travellers with a lot of comfort from hotel expenses and ensure privacy.

Image Credits: Brette Haus

Travel homes are not a new concept. But over time, the evolution of such homes and the application of new technology will amaze us.

Brette Haus builds homes with amenities like a resort, including a bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet. It can be fully set in just five cents space. The portable house is made of cross-laminated timber or CLT technology. This will not damage the house even if it is folded and unfolded up to a hundred times. They are made of engineered wood that holds the layers of wood together. This material has many features that just wood does not have. They are ideal for building floors, walls and roofs.

Currently, there are three types of homes available: Rustic, Urban and Compact. The Prices range depending on the size. The Rustic, which measures 237 square feet, costs around $22,860 US Dollar.

In addition to the basic facilities, it also has a kitchen installation, washing machine, solar energy kit, water heater and smart home system. The power line can be connected directly from the place where the house is set.
It can be used in various ways, including a cafe, home office, garden house, guard room, lodge, rooftop hotel, winter resort, eco-village, summer camp, shopping area, and food market. Ten houses can be set together and arranged as a ‘villa garden’.

The house can be fully set up within three hours. You can change the design of the house to your liking each time. There is a delivery facility also to anywhere in the world within eight weeks of ordering.

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