Blockchain Might Be The Future Of Hollywood, Says WarnerMedia CEO

Jason Kilar, the Chief Executive Officer of WarnerMedia, who is about to depart the firm, said that blockchain technology represents the future of Hollywood. According to him, the bitcoin industry’s backbone might bring new funding methods.  

According to Jason Kilar, Blockchain technology may be introduced into Hollywood in the same manner that the DVD wave was in the 1990s.  

Hollywood is about to be hit by a ‘potential wave’ of blockchain technology:  

The cryptocurrency industry, and more especially blockchain technology, has gained another supporter in Jason Kilar, an American businessman. In a recent interview, WarnerMedia’s current CEO stated that digital ledger technology has the potential to revolutionize the entertainment sector. He also anticipates that getting non-fungible tokens will become easier.  

Kilar contrasted the advancement of blockchain technology and its potential to reach Hollywood to the DVD craze of the 1990s.   

He claimed, “I believe it’s going to be a possible wave that comes to Hollywood, similar to how the DVD wave came to Hollywood in the 1990s.” Clearly, this shifted the economic fortunes of many of these businesses.”  

America has a long history of working with digital technology and advocating for its further advancement. From 1997 through 2006, he worked as an executive at the e-commerce behemoth Amazon. He helped develop the streaming service Hulu in 2007 and became its CEO.  

Kilar was named as WarnerMedia’s Chief Executive Officer in May 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the film business was severely harmed by shuttered cinemas and increased internet competition in the following years. In the wake of the soon-to-be-completed merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery, Inc., he announced that he would stand down as CEO earlier this month.  

Adrian Grenier of Entourage is also a crypto enthusiast:  

Adrian Grenier, a (former) member of the Hollywood film business, has also shown his support for crypto. Digital assets, according to the star of the TV show “Entourage,” may “address a lot of the processes that are now dysfunctional, and are fairly inefficient across many industries.”  

He also defended bitcoin mining against detractors, claiming that “crypto isn’t just a device that needs electricity.” According to him, the asset class has the potential to make numerous industries more efficient. He asserted, “If you look at the worldwide net benefit, I think it’s a good one.”  

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