Are You Excited About These New Visas To Be Introduced Shortly In The UAE? 

You would be very glad to know that there will be some more options to come to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) going forward. These visa initiatives happen to be the biggest reform to come into force in the country’s history. The various types of visas to be introduced shortly include job search visa, tourist visa with numerous entries, widening of the already existing Golden visa and many more. There is no doubt that with several new visas, the visitors, as well as expats staying in the country, are going to benefit immensely. So, let us understand in detail about the new visas; some have already come into existence whereas others are all set to be introduced from next month onwards. 

Job visa 

Those wanting to work in the UAE can utilise this new visa facility to try their luck in the country. Applicants are free from the need of a sponsor or a host and the visa is generally meant for those possessing bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, the new but raw graduates belonging to the top 500 educational institutions across the world and those coming under the first, second or third skill levels according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). 

Multiple-Entry Tourist Visa 

This happens to be a welcome addition to the already existing entry permits in the country. The latest five-year multi-entry visa is free from the mandate of having a sponsor on board. It permits a person to be in the UAE for 90 days and the stay can be extended for another 90 days as well. Hence, the person is allowed to be in the country for a total of 180 days. However, there is a catch involved in acquiring the visa. Prior to applying for the visa, the aspiring candidate should keep in mind that he or she is required to have a bank balance of $ 4,000 (14,700 AED) or the same amount in other currencies in the last six months. 

Business Visa 

The visa is primarily aimed at boosting investment and investor confidence in the country. To acquire the business visa, it is not incumbent upon company owners and investors to have sponsors to back them. So, they can apply for the visa without any compulsion. 

Visit Visa (relatives/friends) 

Over here a foreigner can apply for the visit visa if the person happens to be a relative or friend of a UAE national or a resident. Even in this category of visa the condition of having a sponsor is waived off. 

Green visa 

This happens to be a five-year visa that permits visa holders to get their families to the emirates sans a sponsor or an employer. This is meant for skilled workers, self-employers, freelancers etc. As for educational credentials and salary criteria, the visa holder needs to be a Bachelor’s degree holder or equivalent and draw a minimum package of Dh15,000. 

Temporary Work Visa 

This is very significant for employers who don’t want to take the risk of hiring some untested candidates from outside the country. With this visa, employers can bring employees from outside of the UAE to test them out during the probation period. This apart, the visa is also useful for those having project-based assignments in the country. To apply for this visa, the applicants should present a temporary work contract or letter from the employer and a fitness certificate. 


This is a good move on the part of the UAE government, as they plan to attract the wealthiest and the hugely talented people across the globe. It is even a blessing for those aspiring to come to the UAE to seek good opportunities, but the stringent conditions in place previously dissuaded them from doing so. All in all, a win-win situation for everyone. 

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