Abu Dhabi Gives the Nod to Indian Travellers With US, UK Visas

Indian citizens with a visa or residence permit issued by the US, UK, or EU countries can now visit Abu Dhabi.   

Such a development came when the Abu Dhabi based Etihad airways revised its travel rules and announced to issue visas on arrival from 70 countries, including India.  

It means “when a passenger land in Abu Dhabi, s/he needs to make a way to immigration to receive a visa upon arrival,” stated Etihad.  

However, it clarified that Indian nationals holding a US visitor visa or green card are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival in Abu Dhabi. This is also applicable to Indian citizens who have UK or EU residency and passports valid for a minimum of six months.   

Confirming the updated travel rules, Etihad Airways said that passengers from India do not require approval from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizens (ICA).  

“Covid-19 vaccination is not a condition to enter the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, but passengers will need to show their PCR report to go to public places,” the airline said.  

Take a look at the updated travel guidelines before travelling to Abu Dhabi from India.  

As per Etihad, other categories of people who are allowed to fly to Abu Dhabi include:  

  • A fully vaccinated resident of the UAE. Present proof of having both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine within the UAE prior to 14 days of your journey.  
  • Medical personnel, education sector workers and students studying in the UAE  
  • Travelling for medical causes  
  • Federal government agency workers  
  • Diplomat  
  • UAE national  
  • Golden or silver visa holders   

 70 Countries that will receive a visa on arrival in Abu Dhabi  

  • Andorra  
  • Argentina  
  • Australia  
  • Austria  
  • Bahamas  
  • Barbados  
  • Belgium  
  • Brazil  
  • Brunei  
  • Bulgaria   
  • Canada   
  • Chile   
  • China  
  • Colombia   
  • Costa Rica   
  • Croatia   
  • Cyprus   
  • Czech Republic   
  • Denmark   
  • Estonia   
  • Finland   
  • France   
  • Germany   
  • Greece   
  • Honduras   
  • Hong Kong    
  • Hungary   
  • Iceland   
  • Ireland   
  • Italy   
  • Japan   
  • Kazakhstan   
  • Latvia   
  • Liechtenstein   
  • Lithuania   
  • Luxembourg   
  • Malaysia   
  • Maldives   
  • Malta   
  • Mexico   
  • Monaco   
  • Montenegro   
  • Nauru   
  • Netherlands   
  • New Zealand   
  • Norway  
  • Peru   
  • Poland   
  • Republic of Mauritius   
  • Republic of El Salvador   
  • Portugal   
  • Romania   
  • Russian   
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines   
  • San Marino   
  • Serbia   
  • Seychelles   
  • Singapore   
  • Slovakia   
  • Slovenia   
  • Solomon   
  • South Korea   
  • Spain   
  • Sweden   
  • Switzerland   
  • The Vatican   
  • Ukraine   
  • United Kingdom   
  • United States of America   
  • Uruguay  

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