A Lost Emotion Poised to Make a Comeback Into Your Life

Few entities in life are embraced with open arms when they come back or return from an undesired phase to the desired phase. Just like a beautiful moment when your past love that vamoosed from your life only to make a rebound to find its solace. The fashion industry is a vibrant one where creativity is never-ending and styles keep changing with season and trend. Giving a style statement can be as easy as applying butter on a toast. Fashion applies to every gender orientation and with a proper deck up, things can be glamorous. 

The contribution of e-commerce with the boom of the internet played a crucial role in popularizing online shopping. All thanks to Jeff Bezos and the team of Amazon India to make the rebound of the popular Chinese e-commerce merchant “Shein”. The portal that came to the Indian market in 2017, took almost a year to attain fame but unfortunately by mid-2020 it had to shut its operations as per the Indian government regulations to shut down 59 China-based apps. It could enclasp the fashion-conscious people during its existence and was a hit among the target audience for its style, wide variety of choices, cheaper price tag for a trendy western outfit. When it was banned last year, it proved to be a doom’s day for many. Regardless of the number of costumes you have in your closet, you might always feel like you don’t have enough clothes for the occasion you want to carry yourself with. 

As expected, this year on the 26th -27th of July during the Amazon Prime sale, Shein is all set to be relaunched but things are a bit skeptical as to whether it will be a sub-platform on Amazon or function as a seller. 

Also, questions are being raised about legitimate issues, but as of now let’s keep politics and fashion apart and keep our fingers crossed for the prime day sale. 

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