4 Best Places In London To Escape The Hustle & Bustle Of A City Life 

Modern cities have all the facilities you ask for, banks, markets, service stores, multi-speciality hospitals etc, in the right measures. But, what if you require some tranquillity to exorcise the hustle and bustle of a quintessential metropolis? London is, undoubtedly, one of the most sought-after and attractive cities across the globe. However, what options does it have to unwind? 

Hyde Park 

This happens to be one of the quietest places in London and the perfect companion after all those hectic sessions in the professional space. At Hyde Park, you can recharge your batteries to be battle-ready for the next day. It is the largest of the London Royal Parks and nobody needs to frantically search for a quiet corner over here. Some of the peaceful arenas in the park happen to be Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, Speakers Corner and the Serpentine Gallery. 

St James’s Park 

Located in the near vicinity of Buckingham Palace, this is another popular place to unwind in London, chiefly due to its central location. With an area comprising 23 hectares, it hosts several birds, including Pelicans. Russian Ambassador gifted the first batch of Pelicans in 1664 and currently, there are more than 40 of them. At this park, you can even watch Pelicans being fed every day between 2.30 and 3 pm. 

Regent’s Canal Walk 

This is just a few minutes away from a bustling railway station and another place to find some solace. Regent’s Canal Walk happened to be an erstwhile coal drop for the railways and a calm inner city oasis inhabited by bats, frogs, kingfishers and other species. The Regent’s Canal Walk is spread over 9 miles, from Limehouse to Paddington. A perfect place to enjoy your routine walks. 

Chelsea Physic Garden 

Dating back to1673, the Chelsea Physic Garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in Britain. To have a quiet time there is nothing like this garden. The name is synonymous with the science of healing and it was initially created as the Apothecaries’ Garden. Over here, you would find 5,000 varieties of plants with therapeutic values. The garden overlooks the Tangerine Dream Cafe, where people can relish sumptuous lunch and piping hot teas. 

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