3-D printed houses: The sustainable, faster and energy-efficient future of construction

When 3D printing first appeared in the 1990s, no one would have anticipated the progress it would have reached in 2021. A technology that created small objects in size seamlessly is now capable of revolutionizing the way construction and housing projects are conceived with the dawn of America’s first 3D-printed homes-for-sale in TexasDesigned by Logan architecture and developed by Kansas based real estate company 3Strands in collaboration with construction technology company ICON- a specialist in 3-D printing, the housing development is built using the Vulcan construction system.  

There are 2-to-4-bedroom homes in the project, and the first floors were 3D printed using ICON’s “advanced material” that aims to withstand fire, flood, wind and other natural disasters. the homes included covered front porches, covered parking, open concept floor plans, vaulted master bedrooms, an office and bedrooms, and minimalist interiors. The most noteworthy feature of this type is the construction speed; the houses are being built within weeks. 3-D printing can also utilize a wide range of materials for building, unlike the traditional mode, adding to the ease in construction work. These homes are also stronger, more resilient and energy-efficient than traditional houses.    Jason Ballard, co-founder and CEO of ICON, said that “There is an extreme lack of housing that has left us with problems around supply, sustainability, resiliency, affordability and design options. With ICON’s 3D printing technology, we anticipate more high-velocity progress in the years ahead to help bring housing and construction into the modern world and in line with humanity’s highest hopes.” The traditional model of construction facing issues ranging from availability of materials to time-taking unsustainable construction methods of construction 3-D printing is sure to change things around in construction in the years to come. 

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