3 Consultants Striving To Make The Life Of NRI Community Easier

When someone makes up his mind to go abroad and settle down in his preferred country, he has to have a good understanding of how to find suitable accommodation, the city he is about to reside in, health policies etc. Even though he leaves India, his roots remain intact in the country. The type of bank accounts, health insurance, investments etc, several things undergo a major transformation. However, NRIs visit India time and again for various purposes. It could be with regard to legal, property, documentation, healthcare or financial matters.

But it is quite tough to visit India and get the issues resolved within a few hours. Moreover, if someone has just moved to the US and he has to head back home due to a health-related matter, the first thought that is likely to come to him is how he can sort it out without visiting India or what’s the suitable procedure to get the issue addressed without any hassle. In such scenarios, people start looking for relevant consultants or solution providers who can thoroughly guide them and meet their requirements.

To make it convenient for such people, we have curated a list of three organisations that caters to the NRI community and provide various solutions.

NRI Guardian

The Chandigarh-based organisation strives to offer a one-point solution to the issues of all non-resident Indians (NRIs), understanding the roadblocks involved such as legal, healthcare, finance, property etc. NRI Guardian tends to bridge the gap between NRIs and their motherland. Hence, it delivers complete solutions to its clients by leveraging world-class technology. It has several branches in multiple countries to provide a plethora of services under one roof.


To make the life of an NRI easier, Services2NRI, based out of Mumbai, primarily focus on providing all essential services to its NRI clients and their dependents living in India. With the vision to be uniquely placed and become a service window for the world to get anything done in India, S2S offers a wide range of services such as documentation, immigration-related work, property management, healthcare, taxation, legal, insurance, education, certificate attestation, tours and travels etc.

Deccan Professional Consultants

A newly launched solution provider to the people living overseas, Deccan Professional Consultants offers all types of government-related works for the NRIs, who have roots in Telangana. This Hyderabad-based consultants work as a liaison between the central/state governments and NRIs and obtain permissions, licenses, approvals and related governmental works. Deccan Professional Consultants offers services ranging from finance and taxation to industrial or business licenses, and it promises to address every query within 3 working days.

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