Why Indian Realty Is Proving To Be A Viable Investment Option For NRIs? 

For property investors across the world, the Indian real estate industry has remained a viable market. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) have developed a significant interest in the Indian property market, which is unusual. Industry experts discuss why NRI investors should continue to invest in Indian real estate. 

Things NRIs Should Know While Investing In Indian Realty Sector: 

The Indian economy suffered considerable problems due to the onslaught of the coronavirus epidemic. The pandemic has now ebbed, to an extent, and India’s economy is gradually finding its feet. 

“Pent-up demand has begun to emerge, and the economy will rise at a breakneck pace in the next years,” as per experts. 

“The property values would rise as a result, and NRI investors may expect a healthy ‘Return on Investment’ on their money. For NRI real estate investors, new categories of investment options such as fractional ownership of land, co-working spaces, commercial real estate, and storage provide a good opportunity,” added experts. 

According to experts, a simpler taxation environment encourages NRIs to store their excess funds in India. “For properties kept in India, NRIs also receive an indexation advantage.” Immovable properties kept for more than 24 months, for example, are considered long-term capital assets and receive an indexation advantage as well as simplified taxes at 20%. Sections 80C and 80TTA of the Income Tax Act of India also allow for various tax deductions.” 

NRIs have a distinct edge in that they may transform their hard-earned overseas cash into attractive investment opportunities in India. With the rupee’s value versus the dollar reaching an all-time low of 75+, real estate investment has become more inexpensive and attainable. 

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