What To Do In Case Of An Accident In UAE?

In this era of globalisation, our movements are not just limited to our domestic borders. There are many who prefer to migrate to foreign countries for education, job etc and then more often than not settle down there.

While migrating to a foreign country, doubts and confusion cloud our mind. One among those would be, what to do in the event of an accident? Or whom to contact? If it is a minor accident, should you wait for the police to arrive?

If you live in the United Arab Emirates, the police are there to help you. Whether it is minor or major, all traffic accidents in the UAE should be reported to the emirate’s police authorities. If you meet with a major accident, you could contact the emergency hotline 999, and they will immediately dispatch an ambulance with paramedical staff.

In case of minor accidents where the party at fault is agreed upon by the two parties, Dubai Police advises the wheelmen to report the accident through the Dubai Police app.

How to use and report via the Dubai Police app

Download the Dubai Police app on iTunes or Google Play and install it on your device

Click on report an accident service

A map would pop up with your current location, so give access to your location

Click “report accident” and furnish details of vehicles involved

Choose the vehicle type

Take a photo of the damaged area of your vehicle.

Enter the details about the driver involved in the incident.

Click on “options” and describe the cause of the incident.

Enter your contact details.

Once you complete the process, you will be informed whether you can leave the spot of the accident or not. You would also be receiving a phone call from a police officer to confirm the accident before issuing the report.

You may also be asked to visit the nearest police station in Dubai or other emirates to file the report.

Report a minor accident at the nearest petrol station

You can also report accidents at some Enoc petrol stations. Dubai Police have trained petrol station staff to receive reports of minor traffic accidents on the Dubai Police smartphone app.

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a motor accident, you should follow these basic steps.

1. Do not obstruct the road

It is crucial to ensure the safety of all wheelmen on the road. So, switch on your hazard lights as immediately as possible. Then move your car to the nearest safe location and inform the relevant police authority without any delay.

2. Call police hotline on 999

If there is a severe injury, call the police hotline on 999 immediately and give exact details of your location. This would help the police to reach the site without any delay. Also, inform the authority that you require police assistance.

You can also click some pictures of the damaged vehicle. But ensure that you do not take photographs of any people as it violates the laws of UAE. If you have to include people, do it with their permission.

3. Wait for the police personnel to arrive

Wait calmly till the arrival of the police patrol. Once they arrive, you would be required to hand over your driver’s license as well as the car’s registration card.

Also, it is essential to carry the required documents when you travel. The required documents are:

• Emirates ID, for residents of the UAE

• Passport copy, for tourists or visitors

• Valid UAE or international driving license

• Vehicle registration card

• Medical Insurance card

4 Claim your insurance

After getting the police report, you must get in touch with your insurance provider. Then find out the repair work covered under insurance.

Also, it is important to note that no garage owner would take up repair work of a vehicle having any signs of an accident, without the approval of the licensing authorities, as per Article 41 of UAE Federal Law No, 21 of 1995. So, you have to inform the police even if your vehicle has been hit while it was parked somewhere.

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