What Makes Portugal An Attractive Destination For Investors 

Investments in the real estate of Portugal have been peaking for some time now. The country offers a lot of choices in the segment, beach houses, luxury resorts, historic townhouses etc. 

The potency of the Portuguese market is evident from its ability to quickly recover from the 2009 financial crisis and the recent aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic. These apart, frugal living expenses and excellent lifestyle have brought professionals and businesses from across the world to this country. Today, we will talk about the allurements that bring a lot of foreign investors to Portugal. 

Economical Property Rates 

If you go to a foreign location you would find everything you desire, amazing lifestyle, world-class amenities etc. But all of these would invariably come at a premium, staggering property prices, for the majority of people, especially those from India. Having said that, Portugal also offers amazing facilities yet its property prices are on the lower side compared to some of the popular hubs on the globe. Hence, foreigners can enjoy everything at a decent expense over here. 

Warm & Assimilating Environment 

Many times you might have come across grievances regarding some overseas destinations being not very outsider-friendly. Some people who have just moved out keep complaining that they feel very isolated and lonely, and are becoming extremely homesick. However, there are no such problems with regard to Portugal. People are very warm, welcoming and cooperative as well. As a new person in an alien land, he or she will never feel lonely or unhappy in this part of the world. 

Bounced From Covid-19 In Style 

The world, in general, is still reeling under the impact of Coronavirus-induced shocks. Yet, Portugal has quickly found its feet after the initial slip-ups. The average housing prices that dipped marginally during the pandemic are showing an upward trend, especially in places like Porto and Algarve. In the last two years, there has been a spurt in property investments in Lisbon as well. 

Plethora Of Options To Choose From 

One of the best parts about the property segment of Portugal is the availability of excellent investment options. Despite Lisbon, the capital city, being famous among investors, Algarve also offers some good options for investments in several domains across the entire region. In case, an investor has not found a particular property to be worthwhile he could easily find another suitable alternative in this part of the world with ease. And this is no exaggeration. 


The government of Portugal has for some years initiated several measures to make property investments more attractive to investors. The non-habitual resident (NHR) scheme to draw in expats and the residency-by-investment Golden Visa scheme, which is open to all non-EUinvestors, are some of the initiatives taken by the government. 

Also, Portugal happens to be the third safest country around the globe, as per the 2020 Global Peace Index. And English is also widely spoken over here. Hence, from all these factors it won’t be difficult to assume why investors are getting increasingly attracted by Portugal. 

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