What Happens When Temporary Visa Holders In Canada Lose Their Jobs? 

Losing a job is not something new these days. There are various reasons through which you can be unemployed all of a sudden, a company’s financial crisis, closure, abrupt end to a project for which you were hired etc. However, your problems can multiply if you happen to lose your job in a foreign country where you are on a temporary work permit or visa. What would you do in such circumstances? What options are you left with? Come let us find out the alternatives you have when you are in Canada on a temporary work permit and then suddenly you realize that your company does not require your services anymore. 

Maintained Status 

Previously known as implied status, over here if a foreign worker wants to extend his stay in Canada before the duration of this existing stay expires, then he or she can stay in Canada until a decision is made on the application. Under the circumstances, the person is accorded maintained status. This means if your temporary permit to stay has expired and the application for extension is still in the process even then you can stay in Canada. 

In case the application gets approved, then the applicant can work according to the conditions laid down in the new permit. Otherwise, the foreign migrant has to leave Canada or apply for restoration of status provided it has been less than 90 days since the original permit expired. However, foreign nationals cannot continue to work or study while the decision for restoration status is pending, unlike the implied status. 

If Your Work Permit Is Linked To Your Job, Then… 

If foreigners holding employer-specific work permits, known as “closed work permits,” lose their jobs then also they can stay in Canada legally till the duration of their work permits. But, they cannot work for anyone else in Canada. 

In case the foreigners wish to begin a new job, they must qualify for a new closed work permit or change to an open work permit. 

Most of the time, they have no option but to stop working as and when such a visa expires. 

In Case Of Open Work Permit Holders 

With regard to the open work permit holders, they are allowed to work anywhere in Canada and for any employer. But there is a catch, some of these permit holders would still have to extend their stay in Canada to apply for permanent residence. 

All open work permits cannot be renewed. It is pertinent to check if it can be extended under the spousal or common-law Open Work Permit Pilot, the Bridging Open Work Permit, or the Working Holiday Visa class in case they cover the requisite bases. 

It is also very much possible that some people might be unable to renew their open work permits. Then they have to rely on the government to implement special measures due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Canada is always on the lookout for skilled professionals despite the Covid-induced crisis. So, even if someone on a temporary visa has had to leave the country due to job loss then there are ways for him or her to come back. So, don’t lose hope and be optimistic. 

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