What Are The Socio-Cultural Problems Of Being An NRI? 

“NRIs are filthy rich, they are blessed with all the modern-day comforts and as a result they are arrogant.” This is the usual perception regarding Indians who are toiling day in and day out in alien lands. Having said that people in India, including some near and dear ones, do not hold back when it comes to taking advantage of their NRI friends or relatives, whether it is about getting the latest gadgets or enjoying lavish feats at numerous premium eateries, all at the expense of the hapless NRIs. So, the lives of NRIs are not as easy or convenient as it seems and today we will touch upon some socio-cultural problems that NRIs face in general. 

Fleeced For Minor Things 

As said previously, NRIs come with an uber-rich tag and this accords them the status of a proverbial lamb in their own country. They are exploited financially even for small things like notary attestations or even cab rides. In the end, what do they get, only ridiculed as a milch cow to be taken advantage of. In their native places, everyone wants their investment, the foreign currency, but not their suggestions. If an NRI makes a constructive suggestion that is usually shrugged off as unrealistic or irrelevant by even the powers that be. So, if you think being an NRI is a privilege then you really need some reality checks. 

Temporary Guests Or Outsiders 

When they come to India for a short stay or vacation or some other important matters, the NRIs are looked upon as mere guests from foreign lands who are supposed to exit the scene as quickly as possible. In such a scenario, it is only natural for Indians settled abroad to receive curious glances and constant queries as to when are they going back to their newly adopted home as India has ceased to be their abode. This is even true in the case of functions honouring NRIs, like Pravasiya Bharatiya Divas, where they are constantly reminded of being outsiders or unsuitable to be Indians. Hence, once you become an NRI you also lose the right to live in the native place of his or her free will. 

At The Receiving End Of Baseless Conclusions 

NRIs also suffer from certain myths that are based on nothing but ridiculous thoughts. For example, they cannot have street foods in their home countries as NRIs have lost the stomach to digest the same by spending time away from native places Another misunderstanding regarding NRIs are that they can only consume mineral water and need air condition all the time, as they cannot bear the sultry weather in their homelands. Resultantly, apart from getting the tag of filthy rich, they are also branded as arrogant or snobbish based on these unfounded ideas. Also, they are made to pay heavily in monetary terms over these mindless theories. 

Face A Lot Of Bureaucratic Hassles 

The Indian “Babudom” often attracts attention for undesirable issues rather than positive attitudes. This is a knowledge that is very well-known and heavily advertised as well. Even NRIs also face problems from the same set of people. For example, if they are planning to return to their native places, NRIs hardly get official assistance to make the smooth transition from a foreign country to their own birthplace. Also, if they want to get some documents attested or start a venture back home, the official indifference would leave NRIs with unpleasant and nightmarish memories. This happens to be another “perk” of being a “fortunate” Indian who is “happily” going about his business in a faraway country. By the way, this problem is not exclusive to NRIs as permanent residents of the country also have a “gala time” with “Babudom”. 

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