What Are English Language Tests? How Significant Are They For Indian Students & Overseas Job Seekers? 

In order to pursue academic courses overseas or to seek jobs in foreign countries, English language fluency has to be proved beyond any doubt. The inability to fulfil the same can scuttle your Visa prospects. But, it is pertinent to go for the right preparations and in this endeavour, it is significant to learn the formats that are accepted in the places you’re applying to. Hence, these are three of the most commonly accepted English Language Tests (ELTs): 

IELTS (Academic) 

This happens to be a three-hour-long test that fully analyses your reading and writing abilities at a physical location. The broad segments of IELTS are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It comprises multiple-choice questions on diagram labelling, sentence completion, etc. The ceiling of IELTS is fixed on a band of 9. In case you are good at solving pen-paper problems in designated examination centres, then IELTS could be ideal for you. 


This is not the polar opposite of IELTS as there are certain similarities between the two. Sections in both assessment procedures have only minor differences in terms of questions. But, dissimilar to IELTS, a candidate can score a maximum of 120 marks in a four-hour duration exercise. TOEFL can also be attempted online while being present at a centre. Therefore, if digital tests suit you, then go for TOEFL.  


These assessments are only of an hour-long duration and the same can be taken from the cool confines of your residences as well. The Duolingo tests carry a video interview and a graded section assessing your Literacy, Comprehension, Conversation, and Production skills on a scale of 160 points. If you’re game for getting yourself tested from the comfort of your residence, then Duolingo can be a good alternative. 

With a good ELT score, you can prove your proficiency in the English language, which is required if you wish to study or work abroad. There are mock tests available online for you to practice before you attempt the real one. So, prepare yourself well before taking the actual test. 

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