Visa Options For Those Wishing To Move To New Zealand 

New Zealand happens to be the second safest country in the world in 2021, as per Global Peace Index. In fact, it is worth mentioning that the country has remained in the top 5 on this count since 2008. So, if people are eyeing to shift to a new country then New Zealand can be a very good option. Also, this is the best time to move to New Zealand as the process of immigration has been fast-tracked and it has created a Green List to attract and retain the best talents in the country. Hence, do not waste any more of your time and take the necessary steps in the direction as soon as possible. 

Resident Visa Options 

With resident visas, you can be in New Zealand and work as well apart from enjoying other perks of residency. However, you must not be aged more than 55, be fluent in English, possess sound character and meet health parameters. Options in this category happen to be: 

Skilled Migrant Category 

This is a points-driven category where aspects such as work experience, age, educational qualifications and skilled employment offer are accorded heavy weightage. You also need to meet age and health criteria as well. 

Residence From Work Visa 

This happens to be another ideal alternative to changing the status of a visa from temporary to residence. In order to meet the eligibility criteria under this category you should: 

Have been in New Zealand on work to residence visa for 2 years 

Meet the needs regarding health and character  

Accredited Employer Work Visa 

As per a government announcement in May 2022, employers in the country don’t have to give too much information with regard to this category of visa. Also, they can employ their own recruitment processes to establish that no New Zealand natives are available for work. Lastly, Immigration in New Zealand will strive to get the visas processed within 30 days once an employer gets accreditation. 

Long-term skill-shortage list resident visa: 

This one is for those possessing a long-term skill shortage list work visa and who have been working in the country for over 2 years. In case you are working presently and your package happens to be NZ$45,000 or more, then you could be eligible for this type of resident visa. 

Skill Shortage Visas 

Long-term skill shortage list (LTSSL): 

This takes into account those occupations where there is an active and acute shortage of highly skilled workers, both worldwide and in entire New Zealand. The jobs coming under this category include the ones in engineering, health, construction, social services, ICT, electronics and telecommunications, hospitality and tourism, and science. 

Regional skill shortage list (RSSL): 

Over here skilled workers are needed in certain regions of New Zealand but the ground reality is that natives are not available to fill the vacuum. This even facilitates swifter processing of the application. 


Construction and Infrastructure skill shortage list (CISSL): 

This comprises vocations that are very much short in the construction sector of New Zealand. 

Under the present CISSL demands are greater for roof tiler, bricklayer, solid plasterer, glazier, carpenter, stonemason etc. 

If a job is given on the basis of LTSSL, RSSL or CISSL, then that employee will also get an Essential Skills Work Visa, which does not make it mandatory for the employer to prove that there are no New Zealanders available to fill the vacancy. But with an Essential Skills work visa, you can work in New Zealand, albeit temporarily. 

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