UAE: What Are The Rules Pertaining To Job Change, Sacking During Probation? 

Let us assume that you have got a job offer from a company in the UAE, Dubai, and you have joined the same as well. You would have got an offer letter in your hand listing out terms and conditions regarding your employment contract. But, after the tweaks in the labour laws of the country recently, have there been any changes in the working conditions of employees during the probation period? What if you have to leave the job for another offer in the country or what if the company decides to fire you during the probation? Let us find the answer to these questions. 

If you are working in a mainland entity operating in Dubai then the provisions of Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 on the regulation of Employment Relations will apply in your case. In the UAE, the employer can put you on probation for a period of 6 months, not beyond that. And employers can sack you as well during this period by giving a notice of 14 days in writing. Also, the employer cannot place you on probation after the expiry of six months as per Article 9(2) of the Employment Law. 

Now, if an employee wants to leave the present organisation for a new one during the probation then he or she has to provide a notice period of one month in writing. The new employer in question is liable to pay recruitment or contractual compensation to the old one, as per Article 9(3) of the Employment Law. And Employees could also leave the company by giving 14 days’ notice during the period of probation. In such a scenario, he or she should exit the country. If the employee takes up a new job in the UAE within three months then the new employer is bound to pay compensation to the old employer. 

So, these are some of the provisions employees should be aware of after joining a new company. Rules regarding probations should be adhered to religiously to avoid any legal problems. 

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