Three Of The Worst Cities In The World For Expat To Live, Work & Settle Down 

Moving to a foreign country to live, work and settle down would seem like a relishing prospect for many, especially the ones from the less-privileged zones. However, the grass is not always greener on the other side as there are several places that are not at all ideal to settle down with your family members. So, today we will look into such cities. 


Despite the romanticism associated with the place, the Italian capital city happens to be an undesirable place to shift anyone’s base to. Rome was ranked as the worst city in the Expat City Ranking 2021. On the counts of job security, career prospects and work-life balance also the city was abysmal, to say the least. On the positive side, Rome was found good in terms of weather and that is about it. Otherwise, be it public transport or medical facilities the expats in the city are far from satisfied with these vital aspects. 


Home to some of the architectural marvels, this Italian city is far from an ideal city to live in and work in. Several foreign residents in the Italian city are unhappy with the professional aspects like career development and job opportunities. Even the work-life balance is almost non-existent and working hours are harsh as well. Milan is good with regard to the cost of living and leisure activities but housing can be very expensive. 


The biggest city in South Africa is undoubtedly the economic capital of South and Sub-Saharan Africa but it has also earned notoriety as one of the biggest crime capitals across the world. Many residents feel that the fear of getting mobbed or house invasion haunts them while staying in the city. In the Expat City Ranking, it scores a very poor 55 out of 57 and in terms of the Quality Of Urban Index, it is the worst. Even healthcare facilities are not up to the mark, and they are too expensive as well. 

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