Three Best Travel Cards For Your Foreign Trips 

The holiday period has kicked in and travel times are here again. If you are thinking of spending New Year’s Eve in a foreign country with your family, then you have to consider these travel credit cards which carry some incredible offers. With a good travel card, you can enjoy a lot of benefits on flight bookings, hotel stays, memberships, and more. So, we have selected three of the best travel credit cards to make your international trips as exciting as possible. 

SBI Card Elite 

Carrying an annual fee of Rs 4,999, this SBI card offers a lot of exciting prospects to its customers. It has a low forex mark-up cost of Rs 1.99 percent and two complimentary visits to the domestic airport lounge per quarter. The rewarding points on dining and grocery shopping are immense and quite unheard of. With a lot of exciting features, this could be your ideal travel companion going forward. 

RBL World Safari Credit Card 

It has a low annual fee of Rs 3,000 and a zilch forex mark-up charge.The other important feature it contains is that as a customer you get10,000 travel points by spending Rs 2.5 lakh annually, and a bonus of 15,000 for shelling out Rs 5 lakh in a year. With this card customers also receive a Make My Trip welcome voucher worth Rs 3,000. So, if you are travelling frequently then this card could be your ideal ally. 

HDFC Diners Club Privilege 

This card levies a modest yearly fee of Rs 2,500 and charges a frugal forex mark-up fee of just 2 percent. Also, customers get 4 reward points for forking out Rs 150 every time. They can even enjoy excellent reward points for weekend dine-ins. Most importantly, if you spend 3 lakh within a year, your renewal fee can also be waived. This card even offers complementary annual membership of Amazon prime, Times Prime etc. So, this is another card to possess if you happen to travel quite often. 

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