Things People Should Be Aware Of If They Are Travelling To India From The UAE Now 

In case you are taking a trip to India during the winter time, then you need to follow certain guidelines concerning COVID-19. India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare laid out fresh guidelines for people coming from foreign countries in the wake of the rising Covid cases globally. These norms have come into effect from December 24 onwards and they are binding upon every international traveller. 


As per the advisory, everyone coming from overseas should be fully vaccinated in line with the sanctioned dosage of the vaccine against COVID-19 in their country. 

Masks & Physical Distancing 

Another guideline for incoming travellers at airports stipulates that all of them should mask up properly and maintain physical distancing from each other. This protocol should not be taken lightly as any deviation from the norm can be cumbersome for travellers. 

In Case Of Symptoms… 

In case the traveller from overseas shows any signs of COVID-19 symptoms during travel, he or she will be isolated according to the new protocol. This means the passenger in question will be isolated and kept away from other passengers on the flight or during travel and moved to an isolation ward for follow-up treatment. 

Rules to Keep In Mind After Arriving In India 

  • To maintain physical distancing passengers will be deboarded 
  • Thermal screening is mandatory for all passengers and it will be conducted by the health officials at the entry point 
  •  If passengers turn out to be symptomatic while the screening is going on then they shall be isolated with immediate effect and moved to an approved medical facility  
  • Two per cent of the overall passengers on the flight will be subjected to random post-arrival testing at the airport. In the endeavour, travellers will be selected by the concerned airlines and from different countries. They are supposed to submit the samples, and following the same, they will be allowed to exit the airport. Children under 12 years of age don’t have to undergo post-arrival random testing 

In case the travellers test positive, their samples will be sent for genomic testing at a laboratory within the network of the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Consortium on Genomics (INSACOG). 

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