Things NRIs Should Be Sure Of Prior To Investing In India  

For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) options to invest in their country of birth these days are wide-ranging. In fact, the choices are aplenty and the NRIs can easily get confused while picking the appropriate one. But it is their hard-earned money and they should not make any decision in haste. So, today we will talk about the things NRIs must consider before putting money into any of the investment avenues. 

Be Aware Of The Product & Process 

Purchasing a product is not an end in itself as an investor should be aware of the future processes as well. To illustrate with an example, by purchasing a property in India by making the payment fully the investor need not worry about future investments as the financial obligations are almost done for the time being. However, that is not the case with stock trading or mutual funds as an investor needs to plough in some amount every now and then. So, an investor has to understand everything about the product he is opting to invest in.  

Be Ready To Track Investments Regularly 

Putting in money is not the end of the story as investors should also be aware of where their money is going. And NRIs falling in the creamy layer of the investor category are bound to receive a lot of counsel from brokers and will be tempted to invest in certain attractive but risky options in India. But, prior to giving away the earnings to any of the investment domains, the investors, NRIs or Resident Indians, must do a detailed check and find whether money is going where they intended it to or not. 

Assess The Credibility Of The Broker 

With humongous investment opportunities arrive the possibilities of deceit or cheating. So, if an investor wants to invest in stocks then he or she would require the assistance of a broker. And while choosing the broker do not be in a hurry. Verify the credentials of the person you will be dealing with by checking his past works and finding out whether he is registered or not. After all, it is an NRI’s sweat and blood that he or she is investing in so he or she should be very careful while dealing with people involved in certain investment avenues. 


The investment an NRI is making should meet his or her objectives or aims. So, it is imperative that NRIs find the appropriate investment options in India and this can be a bit tough. But there is no room for any adventure therefore NRIs should be doubly sure prior to putting in their hard-earned money. 

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