The Visas Foreigners Can Avail Of To Enter The US Without Job Offers 

Going to the United States of America to settle down permanently is the ultimate dream of many, including Indians. However, the visa to attain the same objective has become very tough these days and the country has also of late cut down the number of foreigners to be permitted into the country in a year. More than anything else, to get a US visa easily a job offer from the country is a necessity. If you don’t have one then the factor of convenience might just vanish but it does not become impossible for you to enter the US. So, today we will be walking through the work visas with which people can go to the US without a job offer or sponsor. 

EB-1A Visa 

With an EB-1A visa, foreigners will be allowed to enter the US without a job offer. But this is meant for those candidates who are blessed with humongous talent in sciences, education, arts, business, or athletics; and multinational managers and executives. To acquire the visa, candidates will be directed to prove how they excel in the field they claim to be an expert in. To show that you are an expert in a certain field there are several options as well. For example, it can be done through publications, awards, business portfolios, or letters of reference. 

EB-5 Visa 

This is another visa for those without a job offer. An EB-5 Visa is primarily an investor visa, that is specifically meant for businessmen who have the financial health to plough in at least $900,000 in the US. With this visa, people can also dream of getting a Green card. However, if a person wants to get into the US through this means, then he or she has to invest in the economy of the US and the money put in should also create employment opportunities for the US workers. So, people don’t need a job in the US to apply for this visa but they need to get their investment projects approved. 


This is another way to come to the US by bypassing the condition of the job offer. However, the special immigrant EB-4 visa is meant for some religious workers and employees of US foreign service posts. 

That’s About It 

Well, these are some of the visas that people can avail of to enter the US devoid of job offers and these are reserved for a certain category of people. Otherwise, a job in the US is a must if someone wishes to move to the US permanently and the candidate will be required to furnish written confirmation to this effect from his or her employer in the country. Also, the employer must show the labour certification to demonstrate that the job vacancy cannot be filled by a US citizen, and for the same reason a foreigner should be given a visa to work in the country. Hence, people can try these visas to come to the US without job offers but they should be aware of the necessary prerequisites surrounding the entry permits. 

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