The Robots Grabbing Maximum Eyeballs At GITEX, Dubai 

Another Edition of GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) has kicked off in Dubai on October 10 with new technical wizardry and innovations. Over the years, the IT exhibition has left everyone bedazzled with jaw-dropping inventions on the technical front. This year it has been grabbing eyeballs chiefly for the robots, which roam around freely at the venue of the exhibition, Dubai World Trade Centre. So, let us familiarize ourselves with some of the amazing robots that must be seen to be believed.


How about a robot that can bring food and other daily essentials to you? Do you think it’s possible? That is exactly what Ottobot, an autonomous robot, can do and is capable of. It has a novel modular design and it is in service at various airports and malls across the globe. The recipients need to present a distinct QR code or OTP to unlock the cabin and take out the stuff they ordered. This is worth watching if you happen to be at the exhibition. 

The Humanoid 

Adorning the garb of a construction labourer, this humanoid robot has the ability to communicate with humans. Standing at the e& stand at Dubai WTC, it resembles more like a human being than any of its ilks on display at the venue. This humanoid can be used for purposes such as giving directions to passengers or visitors at airports and malls. Everything about this robot from the design to its utility is meant to simply marvel at. 


Well, this only shares the name with William Shakespeare’s tragic hero and the similarities end there. This Ceasar can perform the task of a receptionist and it contains an in-built camera through which it can assist people at the control centre to monitor the arrivals and exits. This robot can also respond at minimal capacity to the instructions provided to it. A must-watch innovation if you happen to be at the GITEX. 

Mini Robot 

Creation of the Technology Innovation Institute, the mini robot can be managed with ease through remote control and is very useful in finding mishaps at the workplace. This has been conceived with the purpose of being employed in factories and warehouses, for the purpose of stocking, and Mini Robot can be extremely critical in finding injured workers. Come and observe Mini Robot to understand its full capabilities. 

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