The Mistakes NRIs Should Avoid While Applying For The Pan Card 

Similar to all important documents, Pan Card also has significance in the lives of Indians. Even if some are based abroad and make only sporadic visits to their home country Pan Card is still critical to them in several ways, especially to open a bank account in India etc. So, every Indian, irrespective of where they live, must possess this important document. However, while applying for the same NRIs or Indian residents need to be very careful as a minor discrepancy can result in the rejection of the application. To create a Pan Card without any problems NRIs should be mindful of these pitfalls. 

Don’t Discard the Pin Code 

This might seem like a small thing but it can prolong an NRI’s wait to get hold of the Pan Card. Pin code is a vital aspect of the address for communication, hence the same should be provided clearly in the column meant for it. If you leave the column blank then your pan application would get automatically rejected. Even an NRI should provide an accurate pin code of his or her location so that the card can be despatched to the exact locations. So, duly fill out the space meant for the pin code. 

Improper Placing Of Signature  

In a Pan application form, there are two designated places for signature, one across the photograph and the other in the field provided below. If you sign elsewhere then it can lead to the rejection of your application. Make sure that you sign at the appropriate places in the application meant for the Pan Card. 

No Initials Please 

The domain of Income Tax is averse to initials, so it is better to avoid the same. So, an NRI should write his or her name in full without using the initials. For example, if the name happens to be Viknesh S, then it should be spelt out as to what the “S” stands for in the name, Sharma or Srivastava. So, refrain from using the initials in your name. 

Avoid Discrepancy 

One of the major reasons for the rejection of Pan Card happens to be the discrepancy. To put it succinctly, if there is a mismatch in any of the information provided in the documents, then Income Tax authorities do have the right to reject the application. Also, if you are applying for a duplicate card then the information in the document should be the same as that in the already existing database. If there are some changes then you should provide supporting documents to justify the same. 

Provide All The Docs Without Fail 

NRIs should know that there are certain vital documents to be provided along with the application. These documents should establish your identity, date of birth and address with clarity. Hence, the relevant documents should be attached to the application or else the application can get rejected. Also, before providing documents NRIs should ideally check the NSDL website to learn about documents of significance. 

Well, these are some basic precautions NRIs should take while applying for the Pan Card. Do not take the matter lightly otherwise, a smooth process would easily turn into a laborious exercise. Therefore, avoid these mistakes and save valuable time. 

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