The latest 2020 enigma, Mystery Metal Monoliths, explained

The year 2020 threw a lot of curveballs at us, from a virus that caused a global pandemic, murder hornets, release of UFO videos by NASA to a court ruling that stated that Subway bread isn’t bread, it has not been easy. One may think that the quota for the bizarre has been already exceeded this year but then came the Mystery Monoliths. Found in 5 different locations within days the structures resemble a McCracken sculpture and have been described as a ‘slab of metal into the rock floor’ with small carvings.

The first one appeared in the state of Utah and was spotted by wildlife biologists who were performing a helicopter survey on November 18 and disappeared in an equally mysterious way, grabbing the attention of people worldwide. The second one was found in the mountains of Romania and the third one in California, on a hilltop, a day after the second one disappeared.  But it was torn down overnight by a group of white supremacists who didn’t want ‘illegal aliens from both Mexico and outer space’ and replaced it with a cross. Lord have mercy.

There have been reports of a fourth and a fifth monolith spotted in Pittsburg and Las Vegas too and structure and appearance-wise all of them bear a striking resemblance. Now there are several possible explanations for this mysterious phenomenon- some new wave artist/ group of artists trying to make a statement, an elaborate prank by someone with a lot of time and resources at hand, aliens dropping hints reminiscent of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ for humankind to get a grip, a glitch in the matrix, maybe even a figment of our collective imagination or something actually beyond our understanding. Authorities have been investigating the incidents but it doesn’t seem like they would reach a logical conclusion with the little evidence available. Whatever the truth may be, one has to admit that the whole affair has been quite entertaining and truly a 2020 experience.

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