The Hardest Countries To Live In Across The Globe? 

It is a long-cherished dream for many, especially from lesser- or underprivileged countries, to migrate to a foreign nation to lead a life full of comforts. This does not mean the citizens from the so-called first worlds don’t go to other countries, yes they do as well. In fact, migration has been an ongoing phenomenon for a long time and the trend will continue in future as well. But, there are certain countries that can be avoided at all costs. So, which are the countries that are considered unsuitable for migration? 


In case somebody wants to shift to a foreign country, then Angola should not feature in the priority list even as a last resort. This country on the southwest coast of Africa has mineral and petroleum reserves in huge quantities, however, the same fact has not had any effect on the lives of its citizen in a positive way. Angola is also considered bad for employment as the majority of people in the country find it tough to find a job and lead a dignified life. 

Central African Republic 

As per SPI, the CAR offers an abysmally poor standard of living for its citizens. It performs awfully on the count of basic essentials as well, water, housing, nutrition and education. Worst of all, despite being blessed with an abundant wealth of minerals and oil, its citizen live in abject poverty. Hence, not a good country to live in and work. 


Now coming to the Middle East, Transparency International had dubbed the country as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Yemen is bad on every social indicator and on access to advanced education it is the worst. The Large part of the population is kept away from higher studies and leads a life mired in misery. 


One of the worst countries in terms of racial equality, Belarus is not at all suitable for leading something as normal as a decent life. As per Freedom House, Belarus is anything but a free country as it manages a mere six out of 60 as far as civil liberties are concerned. Even in terms of job prospects the country hardly has anything to rave and rant about. 


Another African country to make the list of “no-go zones” across the globe. This country in West Africa has natural resources in abundance, making it the 20th largest economy in the world. Yet, social progress moves at a snail’s pace. It is also notorious when it comes to crime rate as it is ranked 17th among the most peaceful countries in the world. 

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