The Four Excellent Study Destinations In Asia

While thinking of a destination for higher studies you might come across several options like Canada, the US, the UK etc. But you should know that there are some best options in Asia as well. People will always suggest Europe, America etc however not many would recommend any countries in Asia. The truth is that there are some excellent learning centres in the Asian region as well. So, today we will explore those. 

South Korea 

This is an ideal place for higher education. Those who love to learn a new language should ideally consider South Korea, as Korean happens to be one of the easiest languages to learn across the globe. Apart, there are various programmes available to select from as well. Seoul National University (56th), Yonsei University (78th) etc happen to be some of the top-notch universities in South Korea. 


This country is also gradually climbing up the popularity charts as a favourite study destination, specifically for summer courses. Those wishing to learn Chinese properly are also heading to China in large numbers. These aside, there are various fascinating cultural programs to explore as well. Several of the renowned programmes happen to be in Beijing and Shanghai, but there are some excellent ones in China’s smaller cities like Harbin, Kunming and Dalian.  


This is another incredible destination in Asia to pursue higher studies. It has four official languages, English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Being one of the most liberal economies in the world, Singapore is simply perfect for a business or an economics student. As English happens to be the language of the education system in Singapore, students from across the globe can study without encountering any linguistic problems as well. 


Even Taiwan is also not too far behind in terms of educational choices. There are some language-intensive courses to familiarize oneself with Mandarin. In case anyone’s game for language and business, there’s also a Business Chinese Program offered by Berkeley. The majority in Taiwan are well versed in Mandarin Chinese, hence it becomes easier to study the language and understand traditional Chinese characters. 

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