The Expo City Dubai: Free & Paid Experiences 

The Expo City Dubai is all set to come alive once more with more pavilions and even more incredible experiences than last year. Those who missed out last year can finally rejoice as the city is set to open again from October 1 this year. Visitors don’t have to pay anything to enter the city but some pavilions inside the same entail a fee, Dh 50 per person for each one. Today, let us explore some paid and free displays and dazzles inside the city. 

Free Shows 

Al Wasl Plaza 

Enjoy some cool visuals and sounds for free at the Expo dome. One of the biggest attractions at the expo city, the plaza possesses the biggest 360-degree projection surface globally. Borrowing from the Arabic word for ‘connection’, it has an awesome steel trellis dome, which is 67.5 metres high. 

The Amazing Watery Delight 

This happens to be a must-watch at the Expo site, and the best part is that it costs nothing. Water rushes out over alluring walls and then gives an impression of flowing back. As per the city’s portal, central spirals create enormous hydrogen flames and unique colours. The entire display is synced with a soothing melody in a collaboration between LA-based WET Design (designers of the Burj Khalifa fountain), and Ramin Djawadi (award-winning composer of the Game of Thrones score). 

Paid Displays 

Relish The World Expos Of Yore 

This miss-at-your-own-cost delight will definitely give the visitors real goosebumps. It happens to be an Italian-made carousel decked with images of past World Expos that were painted with hands. Visitors are free to make themselves comfortable on a horse, inside a teacup, a rocking chariot or a bench. 

Witness The Evolution Of Mobility 

Here you can see the magic of Artificial Intelligence unfolding right in front of your eyes and AI’s power to change the outlook of cities. There are nine-metre-tall, photo-realistic figures pertaining to the Golden Age of Arab civilization and the Emirates Mars Mission. Simply enter the pavilion to see the way mobility has grown over the centuries.  

The Women’s Pavilion 

The pavilion drives home the point that humanity can thrive in a big way if women prosper. On one side, it endorses the concepts of women empowerment and gender equality, and on the other  

raises a toast to their feats and triumphs. The pavilion even emphasizes the stigma they still go through and shows how to create a world of equals. 

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