The EU Blue Card: Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Validity And Other Important Details 

For those wishing to live and work in the EU countries, there is one good solution for the same. This happens to be the EU Blue Card, which serves the purpose of a work and residence permit for non-EU/EEA nationals. With the help of the card, non-Europeans can enjoy various social and economic benefits in the countries and get permanent residence permits and citizenship as well. The EU Blue card is also a part of a merit-oriented system that values educational qualifications, professional experience and skill set. 

The Potential Advantages With The Card 

  • Go anywhere across the European Union 
  • Get the privilege of a full-time residency 
  • Immense job opportunities with pay packages at par with EU citizens 
  • Enjoy social rights, including education, economic, cultural and health 
  • Permission to bring the family to the EU 

But, you won’t enjoy the privilege of housing, loan and grants though. 

States That Don’t Issue The Blue Cards 

  1. Iceland 
  1. Switzerland 
  1. Norway 
  1. Denmark 
  1. Liechtenstein 
  1. Ireland 

The Qualifying Parameters 

  • Must be highly educated and holds at least a university degree 
  • Should possess 5 continuous years of relevant work experience 
  • Hold an employment contract or job offer meant for highly skilled professionals for at least a year 
  • If it is a regulated profession then prove that you meet the eligibility criteria 
  • Show that you meet the basic salary criteria in the EU country you wish to work 

Document Required To Apply 

Passport with validity of 15 months beyond the intended date to leave the EU 

Two photographs 

Application form 

Work contract duly signed by all the parties of the EU company where you intend to work 

Proof of your professional engagements; Need to show that you worked continuously for 5 years 

Detailed Resume 

Pay fee towards application 

Health insurance is mandatory 

A written declaration by your employer specifying the purpose of employing you and benefits reaped by the same 

Prove that you are no threat to public policy, health or security of the host nation 

What About The Application Fee And Processing Time? 

For issuing the EU Blue Card, the application fee happens to be 140 € and to renew the same you need to pay 100 €. After filling out the application form you need to pay the requisite fee and wait for 3 months/90 days for the processing formalities to complete. 

Validity Of The EU Blue Card 

The usual blue card is issued for three years, and if your work contract gets extended, then you can even renew the card as well. If your employment contract is valid for less than three years, then the blue card you get will be valid only till the period of your employment. 

After The Expiry Of The Card 

Once the EU Blue card expires, you get three extra months to take the necessary measures. In the grace period, you can either seek an extension of the card or find another job if you happen to lose the current one. 

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