Tailgating Can Lead To Huge Penalties In Abu Dhabi 

Tailgating can be defined as the act of driving behind another vehicle without leaving sufficient distance to stop without causing a collision if the rear vehicle stops suddenly. 

Abu Dhabi Police has  sent out a safety warning to the public after recording nearly 20,000 tailgating offences in the first half of the year 2021. 

Tailgating has been an unavoidable problem, not just in the region but all over the world. 

The penalty for tailgating is detailed in the Law issued in 2020 regarding vehicle impoundment, which imposes a fine of Dh400 and four traffic black points for violators. 

Police warned those who failed to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and caused road accidents. They were warned against the seizure of their vehicles for up to three months and the payment of a Dh5,000 fine to get it released. 

Police said tailgating is one of the leading causes of accidents in the capital. In a statement posted on social media, traffic police called on all motorists to respect the rules of the road and other drivers. 

They said 19,327 tailgating offences were reported from the start of the year up until the end of June 2021. 

They highlighted the dangers of driving too close to other vehicles, particularly in hazardous weather conditions such as heavy rain and fog. Abu Dhabi Police regularly post footage of motorists causing accidents by flouting traffic regulations on social media to raise awareness of the serious consequences of reckless driving. 

Sensors to catch tailgaters were activated across Abu Dhabi in January 2020. 

Police said a text-message warning would be sent to drivers for tailgating the first time. Any subsequent offence would incur a fine and four black points on the motorist’s licence. 

Officers called on drivers to leave at least two meters distance between the car in front during good weather to reduce the risk of accidents if traffic suddenly slows down. If the road is unpaved, weather is poor, or the vehicle in front is a lorry, more than two meters should be left between vehicles, police said. 

“Statistics during the past years show that failing to leave sufficient safe distance is one of three main causes of accidents,” Brig Salem Al Dhaheri, Deputy Director of Abu Dhabi Police Traffic Department, previously said. 

“Not leaving enough distance can also be the fault of the driver who did not clear the way for the person coming from the back or from the left” he added. 

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