Saudi Launches “Flexible” Debt Statement e-services 

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Saudi Arabia, has launched debt statement e-services through Najiz.a portal. The e-services also include debt acknowledgement, debt waiver and acceptance of debt repayment. 

Najiz is a model centre introduced by the ministry of justice in partnership with the private sector. The debt statement e-services provide services to businessmen and individuals and offer all ministry services under one roof. 

It operates in high quality and professional work environment to save the client time and effort. The centre is also flexible in terms of servicing clients as it functions during as well as outside working hours. 

The Najiz portal of the Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has carried out over 5 million operations in less than 4 months, the MoJ stated. 

According to the ministry, the portal began with 35 services and managed to expand rapidly over a short period of time, reaching 90 services, presently. 

“The number of registered users has increased by nearly 1200%, reaching more than 350,000,” the ministry stated. “Since its launch, the portal has received over 2 million visits, an average of 17,000 visits per day.” 

By regularly adding more services, the ministry aims to fast-track procedures for clients, save time and effort and measure outcomes. The debt acknowledgement e-service enables the client (borrower) to easily certify acknowledgement of a debt owed to someone. 

The client should log into Najiz.a and select, “Notarization,” “Declarations,” “New Declaration,” fill in the lender and borrower’s information and the acknowledgement details and confirm the statement. 

The acknowledgement of debt repayment e-service enables the client (lender) to declare the repayment of a loan given to someone without having to visit a notarial office. 

The total amount of acknowledgements must not exceed three million Riyals in a single year, the ministry stated. The debt waiver service enables the client (lender) to electronically certify the waiver of a loan given to someone. The e-services are part of the digital transformation and upgradation by the ministry in various sectors. 

“The service requires the parties to be over 18 years of age, mentally competent, with a valid power of attorney if the applicant is an agent and that the total debt acknowledgements in a single year should not exceed three million Riyals,” the MoJ said. 

“Among the most frequently used services were verification of powers of attorney (PoAs), used by about 800,000 clients, in addition to querying enforcement applications, filing of statements of claim”, the ministry added. 

“Enforcement applications reached about 300,000; electronic PoAs about 120,000; initial registration of PoAs about 130,000; and revocation of PoAs about 300,000,” the ministry explained. 

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