Saudi Islamic Affairs Ministry Issues Guidelines For Ramadan Iftar Projects 

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Call and Guidance issued a series of regulations and guidelines for non-governmental societies and organizations coming under the ministry’s technical supervision on 23 March 2022. 

The guidelines and regulations are introduced with respect to implementing iftar meal projects during the holy month of Ramadan. 

The ministry stated that organizations planning to hold iftar parties are obliged to submit applications for approval and obtain permits from the ministry. 

The ministry also stated that organizations and institutions should coordinate with the imam of the respective mosques. 

The orders and instructions regulating the collection of donations in cash issued by the competent authorities must be followed as stated by the ministry. 

It is also mandatory for the organizations to exhibit revenues and expenditures outlined in their budget, prepared by a certified chartered accountant. 

Private societies, associations as well as individuals who are holding iftar parties must adhere to the set of standard guidelines and regulations approved by the ministry and they should not be extravagant and wasteful while distributing meals. 

Organizations that wish to hold dawa programmes on the sidelines of the iftar project must apply for a license to hold the same. They are also obliged to secure meals from the shops licensed by the municipality. 

If they receive donations of iftar meals in kind, they have to collect them from approved stores. 

The ministry stressed that organizations that plan to hold iftar parties after setting up Ramadan tents must follow the specifications and standards approved for tents by the concerned authorities. 

Additionally, they must get permits from the Civil Defense to set up iftar camps and adhere to the instructions and procedures issued by the ministry and the competent authorities to tackle emergency conditions. 

“These regulations and guidelines will also be applicable to societies and associations that are not under the technical supervision of the ministry if they want to hold iftar meal projects in mosques in various regions of the Kingdom,” the ministry added. 

The Ministry of Religious Affairs urged the employees of all mosques in the country, including Imams and Mazans, to pay regular attention to their work. Don’t be absent in the blessed month of Ramadan.  

It was told not to use cameras in mosques to photograph imams and worshipers during prayers and also not to broadcast prayers to the media. 

The ministry urged the imams of the mosques to read after the obligatory prayers the books which are useful for the congregation of the mosque, especially the books on the rules and etiquettes of fasting, the virtues of the holy month and related rules. 

The instructions issued for the management of mosques during the month of Ramadan also include instructions regarding I’tikaf. That the Imam of the mosque will be authorized to allow the worshipers to observe I’tikaaf. 

Prayers should be restricted. Special care should be taken for care and hygiene in mosques during prayers and i’tikaaf. Ensure cleanliness of places reserved for women. Imams and preachers of mosques have been urged to take advantage of this and remind the people to inculcate the true teachings of Islam. 

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