Saudi Arabia: What Is Kafala System? How Indians Are Recruited In The Kingdom? 

In a big relief for many people seeking jobs In Saudi Arabia, the Gulf state has on November 17, 2022, decided to do away with the rule of getting a Police Clearance Certificate (PPC) for visa purposes. So, from now on, people aspiring for a job in Saudi don’t have to go to police stations to issue PPCs. In this scenario, it would be interesting to look at the employment scene in Saudi Arabia. Let us familiarize ourselves with the same. 

Who Are Eligible For Employment In Saudi Arabia? 

Anyone between 18 and 60 years of age, physically fit and having professional and academic qualifications needed by the Kingdom (if there is a paucity of candidates with such credentials), or such type of workers required by the Kingdom, could be hired in various entities in Saudi Arabia. Also, such category of professionals must have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months, come to the country through legal means and have an employment contract with an employer with whom he shall remain for the entire duration of his professional association. 

The Sponsorship System 

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a sponsorship (Kafala) system for managing the employment of foreign workers. Any foreigner coming to the Kingdom needs the backing of a sponsor (known as Kafeel), which could either be a Saudi national or a company and has to be under the sponsor’s responsibility for the whole duration of the employment contract. 

Importantly, No foreign or expatriate worker can exit the country devoid of the approval of the sponsor. 

The Process Of Hiring Workers From India 

Hiring of Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR) category workers is performed by foreign employers directly or through registered Indian Recruiting Agents (RAs). 

(ii) ECR (Emigration Clearance Required) category workers could be chosen only via eMigrate website. 

(iii) ECR category female employees may be hired by foreign employers after registering themselves on the eMigrate portal and by: 

(a Taking the assistance of the 6 state-run recruitment agencies chosen for this purpose such as. NORKA Roots and ODEPC (Kerala); OMCL (Tamil Nadu); UPFC (Uttar Pradesh); OMCAP(Andhra Pradesh) and TOMCOM (Telangana), or 

(b) after getting the relevant documentation attested from the Indian Mission, and subsequently having the emigration clearance done via the eMigrate portal 

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