Saudi: All Documented Work Contracts To Be Transferred To The Qiwa Platform 

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia has announced that the work is in progress for the transfer of all the documented contracts of the employees to the Qiwa platform. The process is carried out in cooperation with the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). 

MHRSD clarified that it will gradually transfer all documented contracts from its website, the Madad platform, to the Qiwa, a unified platform for the business sector. 

Madad is a website launched by The Minister of Human Resources and Social Development to enable enterprises to organize and manage the wages of workers, according to integrated and advanced processes. 

Qiwa platform is an electronic platform that provides the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development services and solutions to improve the quality of the electronic services provided particularly to the labour sector. 

The basic aim behind the introduction of Qiwa platform is to help employees and companies document their contracts online. 

MHRSD notified that its unified method of work with all the competent authorities, gathering their efforts in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, is to encourage the registration process of employees with the General Organization for Social Insurance through the Qiwa platform. 

This will be carried out to make the process easy for registering employees and documenting and implementing their work contracts. 

From now onwards, Qiwa will be the approved platform for documenting and approving work contracts. The ministry confirmed that employee work contracts would be approved and documented on the Qiwa platform only from the 12th of May. 

It should be noted that the MHRSD administered Qiwa platform declared that the portal will include the services of documentation and management in the light of the problem of drafting, managing and documenting work contracts. 

Qiwa stated that the inclusion of a contract documentation and management service is to address the problem of drafting, managing and documenting the functional contract, which is the common link between companies and individuals, in an effort to preserve the rights of employees and companies. 

It is intended that their rights should be preserved and to ensure that it conforms to the rules and regulations, and designing its provisions in a way that they should include various civil and labour rights, including working hours, statements, financial benefits and other things. 

The platform added that it is presently working to transfer all contracts documented in the GOSI, as well as the Madad platform to the Qiwa platform. With Qiwa all the work contracts become clearer and more reliable because of the priority of documenting contracts. 

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