Run Today For A Healthy And A Better Tomorrow

The adrenaline rush on the D-day, the preparation and practice involved, the inspiration from your peers and joy of watching other runners, the location of the event, the logistic support from the organizers, the post-race excitement to collect the finisher medal and get along with the Zumba session to stretch the body, applauding for the podium finishers and listening to their inciting stories, heading to the refreshment counter to calm down the thirsty & hungry soul, clicking a snap or two, catching a conversation with fellow runners and social butterflies and the plethora of emotions to vibe with. Have I missed out on anything?

For the uninitiated, these are some of the moments from a marathon or a race event. In order to participate in such events, one needs to practice and prepare for the final day.

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The fitness bug in you will constantly push you to stay healthy and adopt a sport. My own experience from my boarding days in a school, operated by the ministry of defence, got me addicted to running.

The early morning run has a lot to offer, in fact, it is a blessing in disguise. It endows you with the joy of being outdoors, love for nature, obsession to find new locations, feeling of submerging with the environment around to experience the weather to the fullest. Unknowingly, you will feel closer to the mother earth, observe the biological clock aligning with the sunrise, crave for a nutritious and timely breakfast, speak about fitness to 10 other people, motivate others to lead a healthy lifestyle, inspire others to join a race or a marathon.

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As the saying goes, “the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war”. The real battle comes during our old age when your fitness determines your ability to perform routine chores. As proven scientifically and preached by many Fitness Gurus, our initial years and youthful phase should be best utilized with some fitness programmes involving rigorous workouts and hard work that makes you sweat profusely. These apart, you should pump enough blood and breath sufficient fresh air. These things help you tide over many crises during old age.

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