‘New India’ To Be Showcased During Expo 2020 Dubai

The World Expo is one of the two international exhibitions hosted every 2-3 years. The selected host country generally adopts universal themes which other participating countries, organizations and corporations must adhere to during the presentation. 

On 27th November 2013, The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) announced Dubai as the host for World Expo 2020, encompassing the theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. Initially planned to commence in October 2020, like most major events of last year, this event also got postponed due to Covid-19. It is all set to commence from the coming October till the end of March 2022 ie for six months. The site is located near the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border and is a 1083 acre space, hosting three main districts: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.  

Image Credits: Expo2020Dubai.com 

The Opportunity District is one of Expo 2020’s sub-themes. It will demonstrate the importance of financial capital as a resource for growth and progress, and partnership as a main source driving innovation and employment. The participating countries of this district will present new experiences and ideas such as Artificial Intelligence by the UK, Switzerland’s unique hiking in the Alps, Malawi’s impactful innovations, Monaco’s kaleidoscopic garden, and Ukraine’s future technologies for smart living. The Opportunity Pavilion will be known as Mission Possible. 

Mobility Pavilion - Expo 2020 Dubai
Image Credits: Expo2020Dubai.com 

The Mobility District, another sub-theme, will display new and innovative modes of future transportation, distribution of goods and services, and digital connectivity through Information Technology. The district will have its own pavilion called Alif and South Korea’s Virtual Reality experiences, Australia’s excellence in astronomy, and Russia’s immense knowledge on mobility. 

Image Credits: Expo2020Dubai.com 

The third and last sub-theme of this year’s Expo is of utmost significance for the future: Sustainability. This district will explain an attainable sustainable future through responsible use of natural resources which will deter dilution of the planet’s ability to maintain its livability for all biotic communities. Its pavilion is known as Terra, referring to the Planet Earth. Its country pavilions will host one of the most fascinating experiences such as a walk through a waterfall by Brazil to imitate the Amazon, the Czech Republic’s demonstration of creating an arable desert, Singapore’s makeshift Rainforest, Germany’s futuristic labs, and the Netherlands’ experimental vertical farm. 

A total of 192 countries have confirmed to participate in the Expo, including India, with their own pavilions located in either of the three districts.  

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Image Credits: Khaleej Times 

The $70 million Indian pavilion will be located in the Opportunity district and is designed by Dubai-based architectural and engineering consultancy Architectural Corner. Its main highlights are its culture, heritage and technological achievements. The pavilion emphasizes on ‘five Ts’: Talent, Trade, Tourism, Tradition, and Technology to illustrate its potential in becoming a global power and lead the future. It aims to define ‘new India’ and its progress by utilizing the potential of human resources and youth’s aspirations in areas such as space programmes. The pavilion will encompass India’s growth in all three sub-themes of Expo 2020 through its strengths in research, innovation, economic growth, youth power, and global contributions. The structure would include a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the entrance, holographic displays of the country’s journey from Harappan civilization to contemporary India, and an additional construction for art installations exhibiting the country’s developments in space projects. The six-month event will allow visitors to enjoy food festivals, literary shows, music and dance displaying India’s diversity.  

Tickets will be available globally at its official website expo2020dubai.com from the 18th of July. They offer 3 types of tickets: a single day pass for AED 95, a monthly pass for AED 195, and a seasonal pass, unlimited entry for all 6 months, for AED 495. Entry is free for children below the age of 18, students from recognized academic institutions with valid student ID cards, people of determination, and visitors aged 60 and above. Caretakers will be offered a 50% discount on tickets. 

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