Moving To The US After Getting Canadian Citizenship: Everything You Should Be Aware Of 

There are several benefits of acquiring Canadian citizenship. One among them happens to be moving to the US with ease. Yes, you heard it right, Canada can be used as a gateway to enter the US. But this is possible only if people, permanent residents, in Canada apply for citizenship in the country. To apply for citizenship in Canada, they are required to reside in the country for at least three years. After getting the same people can move to the US provided they have job offers from employers based out of the US. Now, how’s this possible? 

TN & TD Visas 

It is very simple as you only need a TN Visa for the same. The TN Visa happens to be a US non-immigrant visa and people who obtain it must return to their home countries after its expiry. It permits citizens of Canada (TN 1) and Mexico (TN-2), permanent residents are not allowed, to work in the US in case they get a job beforehand. This visa is very much similar to H-1B Visa in the US with only a minor difference. With TN Visa the employers are not required to have a Labor Condition Application (LCA) from the Department of Labor. Everything is based on the agreement between the employer and the employee. 

After getting TN Visa people are allowed to bring spouses and children (below 21 years) to the US and they can stay as long as the TN visa is valid. For dependent family members, there is TD Visa. Once they acquire this visa they can stay in the US till the TN Visa is valid. Both TN and TD Visas can be renewed as many times as possible based on the needs of employment. So, visa holders need not fret about its expiry. 

Eligibility Criteria: Dependents 

They need to establish their relationship with the TN visa holder through these documents: 

Birth and marriage certificates – originals and copies 

Proof about the wedding ceremony – photos, guest list, etc. 

Valid passports for all applicants 

Docs Required For TN Visa Holders 

Passport copy with a valid I-94 

Copy of employment letter or job offer from the US employer 

Recent pay slips and letters from the US employer 

Process Involved In Application  

As Canadian citizens are not required to possess a travel visa to come to the US, dependents can seek a TD visa at a port of entry. However, the individuals seeking the TN visa need to prove their Canadian citizenship by furnishing valid passports. Dependent children below 16 years must show a Canadian citizenship card or a birth certificate. The best part is that there is no limitation in respect of the number of applications under this visa category and the application fee is quite nominal as well. 

To Be Noted 

It is to be remembered that TN 1 Visa, meant for Canadian professionals, is not a dual intent visa. This implies that such a category of visa holders should not be applying for a green card. But, they can seek US green cards by altering the Visa category to another non-immigrant category like H-1 and L-1 as these happen to be dual intent visas. 

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