Mistakes To Avoid While Hunting For A Job In The UAE 

Going to the UAE is not at all difficult these days but getting a job in the country is. You might even cross the thresh hold of your patience still a suitable vacancy might avoid you. It is only natural in such circumstances to develop a negative mindset and abandon all your UAE ambitions, however, you should stay put over there and never lose hope. Even if your temporary visit visa expires and you have no option but to exit the country, you should not mind giving your UAE dreams a couple of chances, at least one more. Most of the time people fail to find the desired job in foreign countries due to their own follies. So, today we will talk about the mistakes to avoid while searching for a suitable opening in the UAE. 

Applying Without Properly Going Through The JD 

Several candidates tend to apply for a job without properly reading the conditions specified in the job descriptions (JD). For example, at times, the job might be gender-specific so there is no point in applying for the job if the gender criteria do not match that of yours. Also, certain jobs require you to have a UAE driving license, so if you are not in possession of the same then there is no point in wasting your time on such vacancies. So, do yourself a favour, read the JD thoroughly before shooting off your application. 

Cover Letter Should Not Be An Endless Affair 

Nobody has the patience to go through a long cover letter. So, make it short and sweet and do not harbour any misconceptions that a highly descriptive introduction can impress prospective employers easily. The cover letter should avoid unnecessary elements like hobbies and future plans and the minimal words used to draft the letter should convey clearly your suitability for the job. Therefore, you should not forget that it’s a cover letter, not a novel or even a novella. 

Your CV & LinkedIn Profile Point To Different Directions 

Nowadays, times have changed and hence most recruiters look into the LinkedIn profile of candidates before deciding to fix their interviews. So, you need to have updated and correct information on your professional networking platform. Be truthful and sincere while creating the profile on LinkedIn as there should be no difference between what’s mentioned in your resume and the profile on the networking platform. If the employers find that your LinkedIn info and CV are dissimilar in several ways, then it puts a question mark on your integrity, which is not at all a good sign if you want to work in a good company in the UAE. 

Your CV Not Stressing Enough About Your Work Experience 

If you want to work in a particular profession in a company in the UAE then you should provide all the relevant information regarding your professional experience thus far in the CV. For example, if you have applied for the post of Sub Editor in a reputed publication in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, then your resume should carry the work exposure you have as editing professional. You should ideally provide everything that you have done as a sub-editor in a reputed publication back home rather than about the organisation. Recruiters are only interested in you and not in your previous company or companies. 

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