Jobs With Immense Potential In Australia Currently 

Australia is one of the many countries that has seen an influx of migrants, especially from India, of late. With humongous opportunities for professional growth, jobs in the country keep attracting talents from lesser-developed economies. The Australian jobs also carry good monetary and social security benefits. However, people trying to migrate to the country should know what kind of jobs are in demand over there. So, today we will talk about the jobs in Australia that are highly sought after to help the ones who are planning to relocate to the country. 

Software Developers 

These skilled professionals are much in demand almost everywhere and Australia is no different. If you have sound knowledge and a good experience in software development then you can flourish professionally in the country. Also, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of the number of organizations available to showcase your skills as you can work anywhere from manufacturing to healthcare sectors. A software developer is expected to take home an annual salary ranging from 51,000 AUD to 100,000 AUD. BCS Group, Civica, Sharp and Carter are some of the prominent companies for such professionals. 

Electrical Engineer 

This is another professional arena that has witnessed huge demand in Australia for some time. Qualified and experienced electrical engineers have immense scope for career development in the country. Some of the top companies where electrical engineers could easily be accommodated happen to be Aecom, Hays, Frontline constructions etc. Such skilled professionals can on average earn a salary ranging between 65,000 AUD to 1,20,000 AUD per year. So, in case you happen to belong to the same profession, then you should ideally refine your knowledge and acquire requisite technical training in electrical engineering. 


This is another profession with humongous potential in Australia, apart from other developed economies around the world. A certified plumber can either ply their wares in residential houses or office properties in Australia, anywhere they feel like. If you have the relevant expertise and training as an efficient plumber then you can head to Australia with your eyes closed. Plumbers can expect a yearly salary between 59,000 AUD to 85,000 AUD. 

Human Resource Manager 

This profession is also witnessing a good demand across Australia for the last few years. There are several industries where HR Managers can seek a suitable opportunity and the profession offers excellent growth career-wise as well. HR Managers play a significant role in hiring and onboarding processes and the Australian companies acknowledge the same as well. Even salary-wise they are expected to draw anything in the range of 63,000 AUD to 1,30,000 AUD


Good accountants are required almost everywhere and the scenario is the same even in Australia. Managing finance is a tough and responsible job and every company requires an able and qualified accountant. In Australia also, accountants can grow by leaps and bounds professionally. Some of the top hiring companies happen to be Seer, Crown Melbourne etc. An accountant in Australia usually takes home an annual salary in the range of 50,000 AUD to 1,60,000 AUD


These professionals are very vital in the healthcare sector and are always needed, irrespective of the location. Australia is also blessed with a very good healthcare system, which is constantly on the lookout for qualified nurses. Even career-wise the country offers a lot of scope for growth and there are humongous employment potentials as well. Certified nurses can work either in Government hospitals or private ones and are expected to earn a salary between 87,000 AUD to 130,000 AUD per year

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