Is It Back To Pre-pandemic Times In The UAE? Let’s Find Out 

The Corona Virus has been our constant companion since 2020. However, from this year ie 2022 onwards, the potency of the virus has been on the wane. Resultantly, the number of infections and mortality rate on a daily/weekly/monthly basis stand minimized to a large extent. Even among the people who are newly getting affected by the virus, the symptoms are usually mild. So, it might be early days, but we should all be happy enough to gradually go back to the pre-pandemic era when going out and mingling with anyone hardly had any serious repercussions. 

Due to the decreasing power of the virus, most countries have rolled back restrictions that were put in place to contain its spread. Even in the UAE, which had introduced a lot of containment measures, things are almost back to normal. The National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) in the country on November 6 2022 announced further relaxations on the rules regarding mask and Covid testing for residents and tourists. Come November 7 all Covid-related regulations will go and only a few will be in existence. Let us know the restrictions that are still active: 

  • Masks are a must in health facilities and centres for people of determination 
  • The five-day isolation period for those infected by Covid-19 will remain in place 
  • Those holding sporting tournaments and activities will have the discretion to direct Covid tests or to seek vaccination certificates “based on the kind or significance of the activity” 

The Green Pass System & Al Hosn App 

As per this mechanism earlier, only the ones with ‘green’ status on the Al Hosn app were allowed to enter public places. People were supposed to furnish the Al Hosn app to confirm their status of vaccination against COVID-19 and the validity of RT-PCR test results to enter public offices and venues.  

New Rules About Green Pass & Al Hosn App 

  • From now on Green Pass is not needed to enter public facilities and sites 
  • The Al Hosn app’s usage will be restricted to proof of vaccination and test results in the country and outside of it upon request 

So, it is almost back to pre-Covid times in the UAE with most of the stringent regulations being eliminated or made optional (Mask wearing). However, facilities meant for PCR testing and treatment will function as usual. As for places of worship, praying on personal mats will be optional at mosques. 

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