Indian-American Firm’s Drug SoanzXR Gets FDA Approval

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the nod to a drug manufactured by Sarfez Pharmaceuticals, a Virginia-based firm owned by Indian-American Salim Shah.

As per the company, the drug named SoanzXR “introduces a new treatment option to those who are suffering from heart failure and experiencing persistent oedema, swelling in the lower limbs and abdomen, in spite of a loop diuretic therapy as well as patients with chronic kidney disease,” Salim Shah, owner of the company told American Bazaar media outlet.

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“The drug has already received the FDA approval on June 17 after the company had applied for the green signal in 2019,” he added. “The drug will hit the market in a couple of months.”

Clinical trials had been conducted last year.

“Soanz is specifically formulated to minimise excessive urination in heart failure patients,” Shah elaborated.

Sarfez Pharmaceuticals leverages innovative technologies and clinical experiences, improving existing drugs to make them safer and better. This pharma offers affordability and price transparency to develop market solutions to reduce healthcare costs and enhance benefits to patients, prescribers, and payers.

Revealing the company’s goal, Shah said, “We believe that for patients who are aged 65 years and older, the new treatment option, now approved by the FDA, provides tremendous benefits.”

As per the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1.8 per cent or around 5.7 million of America’s population is affected due to heart failure.

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